Church’s Chicken Near Me: Find Restaurants Nearby

Church’s Chicken is a chain of fast food restaurants in America that specializes in fried chicken. It is also known as Texas Chicken. The chain was founded by George W. Church Sr. in April 17, 1952. It is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, United States. The restaurant serves the following areas: North America, Europe, Asia, Caribbean and South America. It is a fast food restaurant which specializes in fried chicken, French fries, and biscuits.

Church’s Chicken Near Me Now

See the map below to find all Church’s chicken restaurants close to your current location. Feel free to adjust the map to suit your preference. Click the plus button to zoom in, and the minus button to zoom out.

Contact Customer Service

If you are facing any difficulty, reach out to customer service representatives for assistance. See the details provided below.

The fastest way to contact them is by phone. Dial this number to speak with someone from Church’s Chicken, 1 (866) 345-6788.

Church’s Chicken reps are also available on social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. You can message them on any of these platforms. Visit any of the sites and search for the customer service page with the following keyword, ‘Church’s Chicken’.

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