Easy and Quick Way to Make up to $50 a Day

Making money online is becoming easier day by day, as new methods keep coming out every now and then. Today, if you’re not making money already, then blame it on yourself because there are numerous legitimate and trusted ways through which you can consistently make decent amount of money on a regular daily or monthly basis. You can become a freelancer, CPA or affiliate marketer, you can sell photos on Amazon, or even sell domains etc. making money online has never been this easier.

Today, I will be sharing with you another cool legitimate way through which you can make at least $200 weekly. No special skills required and no qualifications required. This is not a Ponzi scheme, neither is it some sort of survey money making platform. All you have to do is to listen to short videos or audio files, transcribe whatever you hear into English language, and whalla! You’ll get paid. In a nutshell, this is transcription business, it has been around since 2015. And people are yet to discover it.


1. A laptop or a desktop computer

2. Aptness to listen and type correct English

3. A good internet connection

4. Paypal account – To receive your payments.

5. A headset or Siren environment

This is How it Works

The company’s name is Crowdsurfwork. It is an online company which specializes on writing and transcription. Anybody from anywhere can join, as long as you have the aptness to listen and type correct English. In other words, it accepts people from virtually any part of the world (as long as they have what it takes).

  • Now to join, go to crowdsurfwork.com and register as an individual. Then go on to create your account with workmarket
  • Read their study guidelines and write their test for transcribers. Be informed that you must be 80% correct in order to pass. And you must also pass the video test (100%). Try as much as possible to pass the test the first time. If you don’t pass the test the first time, then you have to create a new workmarket and take the test again
  • If you succeed in passing the test, then your worker account will be created within the period of 3 to 5 working days
  • Finally, you will receive a congratulatory mail. Then you can begin work and start making money

How You Can Make Money

On crowdsurfwork, there are approximately 15000 works to be done every day. These are videos and audios which need to be transcribed. Each video or audio is about 15 to 25 seconds. And every video you transcribe, you will earn $0.07 to $0.17, depending on the length of the video.

Now let’s say you receive $0.12 for 23 seconds video you transcribe. That means if you transcribe 100 of videos with such length you’ll earn $10 (ten dollars). Based on experience, you can earn $10 dollars (ten dollars) within the range of 3 to 4 hours. Now imagine if you make this a full time job. You will sit at the comfort of your home and earn some good money using this platform. That’s how it works.

If you take this as your full time job, you’re likely to earn $50 every day. $50 x 31 days = $1550. Isn’t that a lot of money?

How to Withdraw Your Earnings

Add your paypal account to your workmarket account. Then your earnings on crowdsurfwork will be directed to your workmarket account. One cool thing here is that you can withdraw your earnings from workmarket on a daily basis.  Workmarket pays by 4PM every day.

In a real sense, you have been hired, and you can also be fired. Your transcription results are expected to be good enough because they’ll be used to subtitle some video and audio files for the sake of those who have hearing disablement. So if your transcribed results are not good enough, you’re likely to get fired. To avoid getting fired, take your time to do your job, don’t be in a hurry. Try as much as possible to make sure you don’t have errors in your transcriptions. But if you must have errors, make sure they’re very minimal.

Now over to you. Since this is a new platform, a lot of people are yet to discover this. And you that have already discovered it, don’t waste the opportunity, gird up your loins and go to work.

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