How to Make Money with Whiteboard Animation Videos

If you don’t know what whiteboard animation video is, then you need to see the video below. If you can create professional whiteboard animation videos, I’ll show you ways through which you can start making a decent amount of money from with it. As technology is advancing, new ways of doing things are being discovered every now and then.

Whiteboard animation video is a goldmine you need to tap. Today, most companies use whiteboard animation videos for their promotions (advertisements), projects, etc. You can create just anything with whiteboard animation video, and that is why there is currently a large demand for this kind of videos.

There are many ways you can utilize this opportunity and build a money making machine with it. I will be out listing the tested ways through which you can start making money using this kind of videos.

Sell Your Whiteboard Animation Videos on Fiverr

Fiverr is one of the best freelancing marketplaces on the internet. It is a place where people buy and sell GIGS (services) for $5. The $5 is usually for the first sale. The company is likely to pay you more for more services (now you can charge more) that’s where the major profit lies.

A lot of people are making good money from this system. As long as you can offer a service, then you’re good to go. Signing up on Fiverr is 100% free: No monthly, weekly or daily charges apply. Although, Fiverr deducts 20% of every sale you make (use to run and maintain the website). That’s not a big deal, when you start making a lot of money you won’t feel it.

Follow the simple instruction below:

  1. Now to sign up on Fiverr, go to
  2. Create a very attractive profile. The type of profile that your potential clients would see and want to hire you right away
  3. After signing up, select “create a new GIG.” Start with the title
  4. The title must be very catchy, engaging and quite simple. Something like this: “I will create a professional whiteboard animation video for you within 1 hour for $5.” Your title is very important, don’t overlook it
  5. When you’re done with the title, move on to add other details like: description, duration or anything else you would like your potential clients (buyers) to know about your GIG
  6. Finally, Create a small whiteboard animation video about your GIG and attach it to your profile as a sample for your potential clients. Don’t also overlook this part. It gives you an edge over your competitors, and it will also make your profile to look more professional

Sell Your Videos on

Another way you can make money with whiteboard animation videos is through freelancing. There are a lot freelancing websites out there that are quite reliable. Elance is one of them. The site is just like Fiverr in conceptual perspective. One major difference is the price and the services that are rendered. Here, higher quality of service equates to higher price.

Just like Fiverr, Elance is totally free. To join, go to Just like I explained in the Fiverr section, take your time to create a very nice profile. Provide all necessary information about yourself. Do not overlook this part, because it is almost impossible for clients to hire freelancers with empty profiles.

Just like I emphasized above, the higher the quality of the service you render, the more you’ll get paid. Here, your clients will pay you more, but they’ll also expect your services to be of higher standard. They’re very careful when picking whom to buy services from, and that is why your profile need to be well detailed.

Other Places You can Sell Your Videos

  • (Facebook Group)

Sell Your Whiteboard Animation Videos on Your Website

Another way to make money with whiteboard animation videos is to create a website and sell them to your potential buyers from around the world. Here, you’ll be your own boss (every single penny will go into your pocket). There will be no middle man, it’s just you and your buyers.

The only hiccup will be generating traffic to your website. As you must have known by now, building an authority website takes time. It takes months for Search engine bots to get used to your web pages. It also takes months before search engine algorithms will trust your website and start displaying your web pages on SERP (front page). But if you have small money to invest, then you can opt in for Google, Facebook or other similar advertisement networks, and in no time you’ll have a lot of visitors on your website. Now, convincing them to buy your videos won’t be as hard as getting them to your website.

Now after you’ve secured some traffic, next thing is to create more cool videos and put price tags on them.


Amazon keeps following every trend. Amazon is one of the online largest marketplaces. I think Amazon has noticed that video is the new trend and that’s why they recently created a medium through which you can monetize your videos. It is called Amazon video direct. This platform allows you to monetize your videos using their database which currently has over 240 million active users. This is a great opportunity for you, don’t waste it. People who first published their digital books using the Amazon kindle platform still rake in tons of thousands of dollars till date.


Although, you can’t sell whiteboard animation videos on YouTube but you can monetize your channel with them. Just create some good videos about anything: stories, trending events, gossip, etc. upload them to your channel. When you start getting thousands of viewers, sign up with Google AdSense program. Google will be displaying will be displaying Ads before your videos, and in return you’ll get paid every month. You can make from hundred (00) to thousands (000) of dollars from this platform.

A lot of YouTubers earn big using this system. You just need to come up with some really cool videos. Give them catchy or compelling titles. And in no time you’ll start getting tons of viewers and subscribers, which equates to money.

I’ll keep this article updated as soon as I come across other ways you can make money with your whiteboard animation videos.

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